Pratt Institute School of Architecture and School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Architects’ Writing

Allen, Stan:

Mapping the Unmappable: on Notation (excerpt)

The Future That is Now (excerpt)

Arakawa + Gins:

Living Body Museum (excerpt)

Asgedom, Araya:

The Unsounded Space

Bachelard, Gaston:

The Dialectics of Outside and Inside

Barton, Craig

Sites of Memory (excerpt)

Bos, Caroline:

Un studio unfold (excerpt)

Boyd, Iain:

Bruno Taut and the Architecture of Activism (excerpt)

Burdick, Benjamin:


Cook, Peter:

The Metamorphosis of an English Town

Diller, Elizabeth: In Conversation with Anthony Vidler

Diller, Elizabeth & Scofidio, Ricardo:

Flesh (excerpt)

Eisenman, Peter:

Architecture as a Second Language” (excerpt)

Evan, Robin:

Figures Doors and Passages

Frampton, Kenneth:

Modern Architecture: A Critical History (excerpt)

Prospects for Critical Regionalism

Frascari, Marco:

The Tell Tale Detail

Friedman, Alice:

Morphosis Venice House (excerpt from Women and the Making of the Modern House)

Rietveld House

Gannon, Todd:

Pragmatic Radicalism, Aesthetic Bliss, and Other LA Stories

Gans + Jelacic Architecture:

Displacement: The Realpolitik of Utopia

Giamarelos, Stylianos:

Crisis” (Journal of Architectural Education)

Holl, Steven:

Parallax (excerpt)

Hogue, Martin:

The Site as Project (excerpt)

Huber, David:

Chandigarh, Noted

Isozaki, Arata:

Four Decades of Architecture (excerpt)

Jones, Wes:

Can Tectonics Grasp Smoothness?

Kahn, Louis:

Light is the Theme

Kipnis, Jeffrey: in conversation with Peter Eisenman

Kovac, Tom:

100YC [100 Year City]

Koolhaas, Rem: 

S,M,L,XL (excerpt)

Delirious New York (excerpt 1)

Delirious New York (Excerpt 2)

Delirious New York (Excerpt 3)

Lavin, Sylvia:

Kissing Architecture (excerpt)

Lying Fallow

Leach, Neil:

The Anaesthetics of Architecture (excerpt)

Le Corbusier:

Modulor 2 (Excerpt 1)

Modulor 2 (Excerpt 2)

Towards A New Architecture (excerpt)

Neil M. Denari Architects: HL23

Mayne, Thom:

Connected Isolation (excerpt)

Picon, Antoine:

Dom-ino: Archetype and Fiction

Ponte, Alessandra:

Maps and Territories

Rosenfeld, Gavriel:

Toward a Jewish Architecture?

Rossi, Aldo:

A Scientific Autobiography

Selected Manifestos_updated_small (excerpt)

Stoner, Jill:

Toward A Minor Architecture (excerpt)

Tanizaki, Junichiro:

In Praise of Shadows

Teyssot, Georges:

A Topology of Everyday Constellations (excerpt)

The Mutant Body of Architecture (Excerpt from Flesh)

UNStudio: Mercedes-Benz Museum

Van Berkel, Ben:

UNStudio Unfold

Woods, Lebbeus:

Radical Reconstruction (excerpt)

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